Dentakademi is the 10th of the global dentistry clinics ranking

We are proud of our team.. We have been declared the 10th in world and the 1st in Turkey by the global clinics rating GCR. After the evaluation by GCR, Dentakademi Oral and Dental Healthcare Center got 4.55 of the five point scale. According to that Dentakademi announced as 10th of 126.000 evaluated dental clinics in the world and the 1st of 580 evaluated clinics in Turkey. (


Why should I prefer Dentakademi?

Why should I prefer Dentakademi?

Dentakademi Oral and Dental Health Center that is located in Maltepe District of Istanbul at Anotlian side close to SabihaGökçen International Airport, provides airport transfers and accommodation facilities to our patients who are foreign to Istanbul.

Since 2013, Dentakademi Oral and Dental Health Center offers a variety of services to patients from various countries to provide dentalcare and comfortand much more economic treatment than their own country.

Affordable and high quality treatment chance

After you have sent your X-ray to Dentakademi or after your preliminary examination to be done when you come to our clinic, a treatment plan is prepared for you. Regardless of the content of treatment planning offered to you in our clinic, you can be confident that your treatment will take place at Dentakademi with much higher quality and more economical conditions.

Multidisciplinary Treatment Process ...

Dentakademi, which is the first and most comprehensive Type A Oral and Dental Health Hospital of Turkey and has ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificate, implements the multidisciplinary treatment method with its expert and experienced expert staff in its fields. The problems of the patient are determined who underwent a detailed preliminary examination at the stage of oral diagnos. According to the problems identified, the patient will be treated for a problem by a specialist.

High Success in Implantation ...

Dentakademi, technology product panoramic, cephalometric and 3D volumetric tomography have nearly 100% success in implant application. CE certified ITI Straumann SL Active, AB and NOBEL brand implants give patients a lifetime warranty on their use.

All on Four and Guide Technique for Implant application ...

In tooth deficiencies, implant is a more comfortable, aesthetic and functional treatment method than other alternative methods. 3D tomography support and advanced technology equipment in our hospital makes it possible to implant in patients to whom implantation can not be done.

The All On Four implant technique, one of the implant application techniques, is a procedure that allows the dental prosthesis to be fixed on four dental implants that are placed at appropriate angles with the help of tomography support and digital technological programs in patients who have no teeth and are melting in the back of the maxillas.

Thus, thanks to the temporary temporary dentures during the time for the healing of the implants, your social life is not affected and your eating and drinking functions continue. The possibility of making temporary fixed dentures on the same day makes our clinic privileged in this respect.

Another technique used is the Guide Technique. After displaying the patient's maxilla structure with 3D computerized tomography, an appropriate model (Guide) is developed. This guide locates the implant points to be applied to the patient.

The use of the model in the guide technique is an advantage because the process is seamless and does not contain cuts. The lack of incision and stitching on the tooth ensures that the bleeding is minimal and the healing process is very rapid. The swelling is almost never seen. Pain does not occur during and after the operation.

Without fear, painless treatment with sedation ...

Sedation is the name of the procedure that is called deep sleep by general anesthesia specialists and technicians in our center's operating theater to remove the pain, anxiety, fear and nausea that may occur during dental treatment.

The patient, who is asleep, with the effect of sedative drugs, does not remember the contents of the procedure performed, the pain, the voices she/he dislikes, after treatment.  This also makes it easier for the patient to develop dental treatment in later sessions. It removes the dental phobia and lifts the sensation of pain.

Sedation, which should not be confused with general anesthesia, does not carry the risks of general anesthesia since it is done only with sedative gas. After the procedure, the patient is able to recover quickly. 

Thus, we offer a comfortable treatment process with our special patients who do not have bodily control, and patients who have a dental phobia and have a strong reflex reflex.

Aesthetic applications in orthodontic treatment...

The tooth braces used to correct tooth curvature on the maxilla create aesthetic anxiety for many patients. Especially in the daily life, becomes the nightmare of the service sector's (bank, public relations and media) employees.

From the complaints of patients who left their treatments due to esthetic anxiety, we offer solutions with transparent braces and plaques.

Full Sterile Operating Room and Clinics...

A type dental hospital has a total of 14 clinics, including 1 fully operating room, 1 general anesthesia unit, 1 sedation unit and 2 maxillofacial surgery clinics.

Our clinics are sterile. The operating room conditions are supported by the Hepa filter system. Due to the Hepa filter feature, filters the air without any particulate matter. This prevents the open wound from becoming infected and formation of complications after surgery.

Special Floor for Children Pediatric Patients…

It is known that the bad experience experienced on the basis of dental phobia. For this reason, we have created a special floor for pediatric dentistry in our hospital. We created a concept where there is a playground inside, the walls are covered specially, and there are cartoon heroes on the clinical doors.

We have been working hard to make our little patients, who are examined by our specialist pedodontists in their field, feel at home as much as possible.

Special physical conditions prepared for the needs of disabled patients...

The physical conditions of our hospital, which has a usage area of 1500 m2, are planned considering our elderly and disabled patients. With climbing ramps for wheeled cars, disabled lifts on the floors and individually designed toilets for disabled patients, they are aimed at getting the most out of their basic needs with maximum comfort.

We are sure to you will experience much more than we say during your visit to our hospital Dentakademi Oral and Dental Health Hospital that doors are open for you.

You are safe with our CE certified, biocompatible materials we use and the skillful hands of our physicians who are experts in their fields.

We think of everything for you ...

We want the best of everything for you. By providing airport transfers and accommodation in our partner hotels, we are eliminating the problems for you.

Even if you have come to Istanbul for treatment, Istanbul opens its doors to the end for culture and entertainment. Istanbul offers you a holiday together with your dental treatment.

On days when you do not have any treatment, we would like to take you on an alternative daily Istanbul tour and we want you to visit, relax and have fun.

The only thing you need to do to come to Dentakademi, where art meets dentistry and start your treatment, is to contact us through our contact addresses

We are waiting for you ...


Dentakademi Oral and Dental Healthcare Center

Since 2013, Dentakademi Oral and Dental Healthcare Center offers a variety of services to patients from various countries to provide dentalcare and comfort and much more economic treatment than their own country.

Dentakademi Oral and Dental Healthcare Center, which uses innovative technology and innovative products, serves its patients in all branches of dentistry and in the field of Maxillofacial surgery, oral and dental health, restorative dental treatment and aesthetic smile design


Why should I prefer Istanbul?
Istanbul, which is the economic capital of Turkey, is also the leading city in the field of health tourism. It serves specialists and technology-utilizing hospitals and patients from abroad who come into all areas of dental and medical expertise.

The quality of the care you buy is much cheaper than the cost of your own country, which is the most important reason for your preference.

Istanbul offers a cultural heritage that you come to for treatment and a deep culture that your guests have for the rest of their time. Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar, Yerebatan Cistern and many historical buildings.

Istanbul, which opens its doors to different nightclubs and colorful nightlife, is an option that should be taken into consideration for your companions, but you also remember the luxurious places if you do not want to spend the night while you are still in the process of treatment.


How is the treatment process progressing for patients?

Our guests who want to have their treatment in our hospital need to send his/her x-ray film  to the number of  

+90 505 004 05 10 or +90 542 374 42 99 with the help of WhatsApp.


Patients who want to have their treatment done at our hospital can notify us of their appointment requests via the contact information on our web page (


Another way to make an appointment is to make an online appointment. The patients click on the online appointment option ( on our web page to fill in their own information, choose a physician for the treatment they want to do, and create their own calendars.


Consultation with x - ray film…

Consultation with x - ray film…

After your consultation with our specialist doctors via x - ray film that you have sent, your treatment plan is created. Your treatment plan's budget is presented to you. Your appointments will be made in the relevant physicians according to your arrival date after your confirmation.


Dentakademi Oral and Dental Healthcare Center patients are able to benefit from the negotiated discounted with a number of contracted hotels, which are located nearby our hospital.
Airport Transfer ...

Airport Transfer ...

Dentakademi provides free transfer service from/to airport, one of our representatives will meet you at the airport upon your arrival and accompany you to your hotel.


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